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How To Begin

How To Begin

Why It's Important

Implementing an effective employee awards program is at once one of the most simple and far-reaching improvements you can generate for your company. Employees who are rewarded for their efforts, their milestones in service, their commitment to safety, or their significant achievements, are more loyal, satisfied, and productive employees. They are the ones who realize their time and hard work is important to you, and that attitude creates an environment that fosters even more enthusiasm and determination. It's a simple concept — rewarding people for their contributions — but the effects are tremendous, and ripple out in ways that directly affect the bottom line of your business.

Where We'll Start

Whether you are new to the sphere of recognition, or you already have an existing awards program in place, Stange Company will work with you to meet you wherever you are. One of our recognition consultants will meet with you and your team to discuss your company and your goals for your program, and will then convert that information into a comprehensive recognition solution. Taking into account all aspects of your business and employee demographic, we'll design a customized award selection, develop customized mock brochures and certificates in several designs to choose from, manufacture sample symbolic emblems in several different designs and finishes of 14K and white gold, and will organize your employee information for ease of maintenance.

All It Takes

All it takes to begin recognizing your valued employees is a simple phone call or email to Stange Company. Contact us today to set the tide in motion towards happier employees, a better, more productive work environment, and a company that continually outperforms itself year after year.

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