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Retirement is a significant event in the lives of your employees, representing the culmination of a life of service towards one's career. With it comes the opportunity for you to show your retirees what their service and hard work over the years have meant to you and your company. More than just giving your retirees a distinguished award, a retirement program speaks of your company's value of long-term dedication. Honoring those who are moving on to other pursuits in their lives also reveals that you honor your employees not just as workers, but as individuals as well, and your workforce will witness the respect that you show to all of your employees, no matter at what stage in their career.

Award options for retirement are as varied as your employees' individual styles and interests, from traditional items like crystal vases and wrist watches, to active lifestyle gifts such as fishing reels, golf clubs, and camping equipment. Customized options, such as clocks with personalized engraving plates, or monogrammed signet rings displaying your company symbol, make wonderful awards that your retiring employees will cherish.

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