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Service Recognition

Service Recognition

Service recognition is one of the most popular ways that organizations reward their employees. A service anniversary date is common to every employee, and so recognizing years of service is the most all-inclusive of awards programs. Milestones are commonly recognized starting at five years of service, then at five year increments on up to fifty years of service, or even greater. However, some organizations choose to begin recognizing service at three years, or even at the first year anniversary. However your service recognition program is organized, your employees will always have a landmark year ahead of them to look forward to.

Recognizing years of service conveys to your employees that loyalty and dedication rank high on your list of outstanding qualities. Exhibiting reliability and tenacity — the resolve to make a commitment to your company and stick to it year after year — is no small task, and calls for a similar resolve never to let that achievement slip by unnoticed.

When you choose Stange Company for your service awards program, we will develop a customized award offering based on your specific objectives, budget and employee demographic, will design customized award brochures and certificates, and set up a password-protected website where your recipients can view and order their awards online. Every awards program also comes standard with a customized emblem that we design and craft from your company symbol. You'll be presented with several designs to choose from, then we'll manufacture and produce your chosen design at our manufacturing facility located at our corporate headquarters in St. Louis, MO. For truly one-of-a-kind awards, our experienced jewelers can also create intricately designed custom jewelry in precious metals and gems based on your company symbol. These exquisite items serve to represent your company in a unique way, and create a lasting impression on your award recipients.

In addition to service recognition, Stange Company also has the capability to develop awards programs based on performance, such as recognizing years of safety, or reaching specific sales goals. Whichever way you choose to recognize success, the rewards will reach back to your company, fostering a positive work environment, heightening morale among your workforce, and boosting your company's productivity and performance.

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