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Program Development

Program Development

In the field of recognition, employee award programs typically fall under one of three categories — service, performance, and retirement. Though the options seem few at first glance, in reality they encompass all the core aspects of your employees' contributions to your company.

  • Service Award Programs

    Service award programs reward your employees for their loyalty and dedication, and typically involve rewarding service milestones at five-year increments. Perhaps the most universal and democratic of programs, the service award program in actuality rewards those employees who possess great tenacity and a reserve of committed strength to carry on with your organization through the years.
  • Performance Award Programs

    Performance award programs are developed to recognize unique achievements within your organization, such as excellence in safety, sales, or any other aspect of your business. Rewarding performance is important, as it creates motivation and spirited competition among your workforce.
  • Retirement

    Rewarding your employees at their retirement is perhaps the oldest form of corporate recognition, and roots your organization in a rich tradition of honoring a lifetime of service to one's career.

Drawing on your company's unique characteristics, a Stange Company recognition consultant will meet with you to determine which program, or programs, best suit your current needs. Each program also allows for maximum flexibility — this means that with the help of your recognition consultant, you determine who, when, and how to recognize. Our flexible award matrixes, as well as our customized emblem, brochure and certificate designs, also ensure that your program is unique to your company.

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